Thursday, June 14, 2012

retail cargo cult

Let not our shops stand empty!
The Shopping Centres, the Temples of Mammon, have
appropriated our divine ancestral right to local shops
filled with plenty.
We call on Fortuna to once more smile upon us.
With sigils of barcode and trolley bays drawn in chalk,
we invoke Mercury, God of Shopkeepers.
We who worship at the sales of Janus,
here is our sacrifice of Westfield share holders.
As it is written in the Prose Edda,
we the fallen shopper shall feast from the bottomless
bargain bins of Valhalla.
Come forth John Frum from Mount Tukosmera
and shower us with white goods.
Awake Arthur from Avalon and regain your corner

David Dellaflora
Field Study Retail Cargo Cult Shopper

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