Monday, October 18, 2010

patti bristow - wearable book

Patti Bristow, USA

Comment: Processed the pics, cropped, etc ... made prints on a very thin cheese cloth, cut into 5 x 7 pieces, kind of reminds me of Tibetan prayer cloths. Ironed the fabric to freezer paper and printed directly to the cloth. Made a shift of the same material, hand sewed on the "flags" and called the whole thing a wearable book

I made a shift of the same fabric for underneath, sewn on the machine. then the "flaps" were all sewn on by hand.


Anonymous said...

Exquisite Patti! Would love to have photo of you wearing it!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing idea. Love it.

Elizabeth G.

Jordyn W. said...

how can i buy this??

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I only wish it would fit ... I would wear it for sure! It's actually not for sale, as it was printed on an inkjet, with non-achival inks, so is therefore not cleanable, and will unfortunately fade over time just with exposure to light. I do however have a small zine with the story of the object and would love to send a copy to anyone wanting it. just give your email addy to Gail and she will forward it to me. We can connect with a snailmail addy then.

BTW, this piece is going to be in the 43rd annual Olive Hyde Gallery Textile Show in Fremont CA this spring ... woo-hoo!!!