Tuesday, June 1, 2010

daniel de culla


Drag branches comeback
Across the forest floor:
Knowledge of the rough

At water's edge
I gather some things up:
Memory of nothing.

We've the time to give the Babel Tower
A close reading.
Awful good, Tu
As Roy A. Rappaport's
Ritual ... as Communication and as
Our preferences might be
Toward more emphasis
On species places:
Smooth textures of dead wood
Knowledge of our hands on arms
The body-art of bullshit
Drinking cocoa
And tend to the faith
With a Vampire's short stick
That smells of infinite urine.

History reveals itself to us
In this way:
Poetry, Tale,s Essays are pamphlets
Of impossible interest
Multiplying voices - human, voices -
Voices - plant
Voices - life of Earth
As Dan O'Neill's
Holiday for Cynics.

Look, little one
We live this close to disaster
There is no turning back
From the tops of the trees
Which are so dense
Almost no sky is visible
Only the odor dilates the nostril
And quickens the heart
On a marijuana tortilla.

The buddhists have been telling us
That the Self (Ego)
As we conceive of it
Is an illusion.
A good tip
Thinking about Gurney Norman's
Jack and His Ego.

Is it?
It is that we are of a Time/Sexual
Wherein all species has been joined
To the Wo/Man
Of Homo Sapiens
And Life is a single exercise of
In constantly elevating towers
Of Bureaucracy.
Nothing in Something.
Something in our Nothingness.

- Daniel de Culla, Spain

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