Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dewi and jeremy loeb

Dewi, Canada


by Jeremy Loeb

This old ashtray has seen its
share of dreams
It's been around when I've been
on and off my knees.
It's burned paper cut from a
thousand trees
And it's time to throw away
the thing it seems.

This old ashtray is marked with black
I've held it like a lover
And sucked it like a mother
If I keep it on my patio
I will get a heart attack

This old ashtray houses what I held
It's provided me with a smoke screen
And been there when I was green

Black to blue to grey to white,
from red to green and
through yellow lights
In my car and at my place
Puffing smoke into a stranger's face

This old ashtray is getting old
I'd sell it off if it could be sold.

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